Prism professional services providing best property management services with professionalism and transparency which make us a fastest growing professional service provider in Pune.

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We Provide best Real estate Service

Prism Professional Services formerly known as Prism Real Estate. Real estate is our core business and today we can proudly say that we earned thousands of customer’s trust and loyalty through our real estate service. We delivered best properties to our clients and today they are very happily living in those properties.

We have in-house real estate experts which are responsible for finding new properties, finding tenants, handling customer queries, provide property specifications, legal documentation work, possession formalities, etc. Our team is dedicated to help you to buy your dream home.

Prism Real Estate can help you to make better property decisions whether you are buying a property, selling one or simply renting a home.

Our best expertise makes us a best Real Estate service provider in Pune are as follows:

Comparing Properties

When you are buying property, it is imperative that you go through a number of options for comparison instead of settling on the first one. As an individual trying to buy or rent a house, this might be hassling. Prism Real Estate can offer complete assistance here by comparing the features, aspects, and pricing of the properties.

Marketing Your Property

Prism Real Estate in pune are not just helpful in making the right purchase decision but also offer their expert assistance in selling a property quickly. We do the marketing work for the property on various real estate listings. Be it through print or online real estate portals, our agents know how to market your property to attract the best buyers.

Taking Care of Paperwork

Whether you are buying property in India, selling it, renting it to tenants, or finding property on rent, there is a lot of paperwork involved in each case. Even a tiny error, omission, or typos could lead to loss worth thousands. Hiring Prism Real Estate will rid you of all these worries and help you file all the paperwork correctly without any efforts.

Knowledge Of Market

The next important thing in buying or renting property in any part of Pune is the knowledge of the market. There are a number of trends and jargons in the real estate market and understanding each of them could be a tough task. Prism Real Estate would help you to get the complete knowledge of the market and make a more informed decision.


Whether you are buying property or selling it, there are times when negotiation is required. Prism Real Estate helps in carrying out any type of negotiation with the clients and ensuring that both reach at a mutual price conclusion. We have the expertise required to present both side’s cases in the best light and ensure that both take a decision mutually.

We are ready to provide best Real Estate service

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