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Residential Cleaning Services

We Provide best Residential cleaning Service

Prism Cleaning Services home deep cleaning services offer the best package for completely germ-free 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK, and Duplex homes. The home deep-cleaning team ensure each corner of your home are clean and germ-free.

Prism Cleaning Service guarantees only the best and verified house cleaning experts and Government approved, high-quality chemicals with every service. Prism Cleaning service is the most trusted house cleaning service provider in Pune, with success stories in every lane in the city.

Prism Professional service offers the most cost-effective pricing and the best house cleaning service in Pune. The pricing is transparent, and the quote is aligned with the property owner’s budget. You can schedule your cleaning plan as per your requirement like monthly, quarterly, bi-annually – however you want it.

A detailed overview of Deep Home Cleaning Service:

General Cleaning

• Dusting of high-level walls, mouldings, fans, lights, and fixtures cleaning
• Window grooves, frames, and grills dusting
• Cleaning of window glass panels (reachable areas only). (In case you need the external high-rise glasses to be cleaned completely, we would need to engage the services of a glass cleaning team which would be at an additional cost.)
• Vacuuming and cleaning of cupboards, lofts, and shelves
• Cleaning of cupboard exteriors
• Floor scrubbing

Washroom Deep Cleaning

• Hi level dusting. cob webbing, cleaning on top of geysers
• Cleaning of ceramic bowls, washbasins, and other fixtures
• Cleaning of doors, windows, and frames (inside areas only)
• Rinsing of the surfaces
• Cleaning of glasses, mirrors using appropriate chemicals
• Wiping dries all the wet surfaces in the washroom
• Disinfectant mopping of the floor, corners

Kitchen Cleaning

• High level dusting. cob webbing, cleaning on top of kitchen shelves and cupboards
• Vacuuming inside the cupboards (client assistance required)
• Scrubbing and cleaning of the outer laminate / modular kitchen shelves
• Cleaning of the kitchen side tiles
• Cleaning of fixtures, glass racks, windows
• Kitchen granite counter tops cleaning and degreasing
• Scrubbing of the floor area, tile grooves and disinfecting swabbing

We are ready to provide best Residential Cleaning Service

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